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I know you want to write a book

As a self-help coach you want to be able to reach the masses with your message. The trouble is - writing a book on your own is really hard ! 

You may not know where to start or you have regrets in not completing all those half finished books.

Through my proven process, I help coaches write a book and stick to a plan so that they can hold their own book in 90 days.

How We Help

Grab your FREE 12-Point checklist!!!!! To use for captivating your readers with your writing!

  • Learn  to connect authentically with your audience
  • How to grab your readers attention with a catchy title
  • Inspire your audience with your unique story 

When you go through our process, here is what you gain !

Meet your coach


"I know how it feels to get excited about writing a book only to get stuck within just the first few chapters. "

Petros Eshetu is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, 'The Introvert Immigrants Journey' and a book coach for transformational leaders  and coaches who want to share their message to the world through a book so they can make a big impact on humanity.